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Beautiful log home on a quiet cul-de-sac within 5 minutes of a half dozen golf courses. Dozens of lakes, streams, and trails just a short drive away. Thousands of acres of public land in the vicinity. This is the perfect up-north retreat for larger families and groups. Dining, swimming, skiing and hiking within walking distance. Amenities in Gaylord include shopping, movies, parks, a captive elk herd, and sportsplex. Within an hour of Mackinaw City, gateway to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Mackinaw Island and the Pigeon River State Forest, home of the largest herd of wild elk east of the Rockies.

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Newspaper Article from Gaylord Herald Times

“I saw it in my mind’s eye”

“A husband and wife can build this in a weekend, said the directions. Well it’s been three years,” Jon Study (pronounced Stoodi) laughs.

                        If you’ve ever heard the phrase “rewired, not retired”, Michaywé resident Jon Study is the essence of the phrase. A visionary when it comes to his approach to design, he is now reaching the completion stage of what began as, and remains, a fun project.

With a degree in aeronautical engineering from Purdue University, Study has done everything from installing Titan missiles to becoming a member of the Experimental aircraft Association. While working for Ford Motor Company, he owned a plant nursery with Caroline, his wife of 52 years.

When a tractor was going to be scrapped at Michaywé, Study recalled his years as an engineer. “I said, “Well, we can fix that. I took it apart and installed a new rear axle and gears.” The tractor had a new life as it was used to help build the log house.

                        Melinda and her sister, Myla, who earned her degree from Purdue as an engineering geologist, have learned how to tile the bathrooms and the kitchen. Masters at bargain hunting, recycling, turning the unwanted into the desirable and undefeatable ingenuity, Study and his daughter Melinda have created a treasure that will last for generations to come.

Story & photos by Lynne Stinson


Owner's name: Melinda Study
Owner's Cell phone: (720)-227-2402



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